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The only guide you need to Fix Canon MX922 Print Head Errors

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Canon produces the best and durable devices across the market. They produce dedicated and specialized gadgets. However, you may face some difficulty while setting up Canon printer installation for the first time. However, recently most of the people getting the print head error which is really disturbing. The code of this error is 1403. You will get to see this error on your screen while you are trying to print anything.

This message maybe showing up to you because of the inappropriate settings of the printer. So, in this post we are going to discuss the reason behind this error that you get for the online canon printer installation on your screen.

Different reasons for MX922 Print Head Errors

    There are several reasons that might be creating this issue. Here are some of the reasons mentioned below:

  • This error occurs when the printer head connection is not established properly.
  • The MX922 Print Head Errors can even get to see on screen because of some technical hardware issues in your printing gadget.
  • An issue in cartridge such as it stops working can even raise this issue as well.
  • The other reason for canon printer installation MX922 error is that the print head you are using is baffled up with the printing gadget.
  • So these were some of the common issues behind the Canon MX922 Print Head Errors and you need to ensure that you are not making these mistakes.

Easy solution for Canon Print Head Error MX922 Method 1- Reset the Canon printer

    There are some common problems that you can fix through Canon reset method. The reason behind this is power resetting helps the gadget to cool down and then restore everything to the respective positions.

    Now, here are the steps that you need to follow for resetting the printer.

  • Step 1- To start, disconnect the printer from your computer and unplug all the cables.
  • Step 2- The next step to solve online canon printer installation is to turn off your printer and the open the print head bay. Now wait for 30 minutes.
  • Step 3- Now move ahead to turn on the printer and the wait for the printing carriage to start the motion with the left hand and then let it move halfway.
  • Step 4- Before the print carriage can come to left hand side shut the cover.
  • Now check if the problem gets solved. If not you can follow the next method.

Method 2- Change the ink cartridges

    The other method to solve canon printer installation error code MX922 is to change the ink cartridges. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open your printing gadget and then hang tight for a couple of seconds until you see cartridges sliding over.
  • Now remove the cartridges from their places and then start cleaning them.
  • Use a cotton and dip it in boiling water, this will help you clean the print head properly. Try to clean the electronic parts of ink cartridges too.
  • Now you need to repeat this cycle until you see no sign of ink in ink cartridge.
  • Let the printer get dried up.
  • The last step needs you to separate the cartridges and printer. Now print something using the printer.
  • Now, the problem most likely to get solved. If the problem still persist, don’t hesitate to contact Canon support team and they will guide you with the best advice. So, these were some of the methods to solve online canon printer installation error MX922 easily.