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Know How to Resolve HP Printer Driver Installation Issues on Mac!

HP Printer Installation Service

You cannot complete HP printer installation without installing HP printer drivers. Without the installation of the correct printer drivers, you cannot ensure a smooth printing journey for yourself. Therefore, you must complete your HP printer driver installation on Mac before you actually start using your printer. However, most users don’t know where to download the drivers from or they are unable to find the correct drivers to install.

To make sure that you are able to complete the process without any issue, we have created this simple step-by-step guide to help you during the installation of HP printer drivers. The guide is designed to suit your convenience and the best part is that with this guide, you can completely install HP printer driver within 30 minutes!

Step-by-Step Guide for HP printer driver installation on Mac

This guide contains step-by-step procedure to help those of you who don’t know how to complete their HP printer driver installation on Mac. By following the steps written below, you would be able to install HP printer driver with ease.

However, before you proceed further in this guide, you must ensure that your MacBook is connected to a strong internet network because during the course of this guide you would be required to download the drivers from HP’s website and it would make it difficult for you if your internet connection is weak. You must also note that we will only be using the official HP printer drivers for this guide and we will not be using any third-party drivers or installers in this guide.

With that in mind, you can follow the steps written below to complete your HP printer driver installation on Mac:

  • Open the Safari browser on your computer and type “HP printer website” in the text box. Press enter.
  • Click on the top link of the search results to go to the official HP Website.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the home page of the website until you find the “Download drivers” option in the Quick Links section of the website. Right click and select “Open in a new tab.”
  • This would open a window with three options. Select “Printers.”
  • This would re-direct you to another web page where you would be prompted to type your HP printer’s model name in the text box. Type your model name in the text box carefully and press enter.
  • You will now see a “Software and drivers” window for your HP printer.
  • The website will automatically detect the operating system. However, you must make sure that it says MacOS. If it doesn’t, then correct it manually by selecting the “Choose a different OS” option.
  • When you select “Choose a different OS” option, the website would open a drop-down menu with a list of various operating systems that HP supports. Select MacOS from the list.
    Now click on “Change.”
  • Expand the “All Drivers” menu by licking the plus sign.
  • Click on “Driver product Installation software.”
  • Select “Download” and wait for the download to be completed.
  • Now to complete your HP printer driver installation on Mac, double click on the downloaded file to run the driver installation wizard.
  • The wizard will extract all the drivers and install them on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions of the installation wizard until the process is finished. Click on “Agree & Accept” when prompted to accept the agreement.
  • Finish the installer once the process has ended.


If you have followed all the steps mentioned above then you would have been able to complete your HP printer driver installation on Mac easily. You can write to us in case you faced any issues during the process. We would love to help you.