HP printer installation services

How to install an HP LaserJet printer on a Mac computer using the printer IP address

HP Printer Installation Service

Using Mac OS system is such an amazing experience you get to experience the quick and smooth working process. However, when you want to print something and want to connect your HP Laserjet printer on a Mac computer but don’t have a wire or USB to do so. This is why we are to let you know about How to install HP laserjet printer driver with step by step tutorial. So let’s get started.

Step by step guide to install HP laserjet printer on Mac OS by using printer IP address.

  • Step 1- First you need to connect your printer by using network cable. Now, turn on the system and let it sit for a minutes. This helps router to assign an IP address to the printer.
  • Step 2- Now go to the menu mentioned for printer, go to print a “configuration page” or “network settings” page.
  • Step 3- Now move to the settings mentioned within configuration page or network settings page. It will show the printer’s new IP address.
  • >Step 4- On your Mac system, go to the Apple menu and choose system preferences.
  • Step 5- Now go to the view menu and select Printers and scanner. If you see the padlock sign on lower left corner, then click on it. Further, provide the system with the administrator name and password which will result in unlocking it.
  • Step 6- With the next step of How to install HP laserjet printer driver you need to click on the sign of Add printer (+) available at the bottom of your screen. Now, if the printer automatically appears as you select default icon. Then you need to select that and then skip to step 11.
  • Step 7- If you find that printer does not automatically appears with default icon selected then you will require to click on the IP button available under tool bar.
  • Step 8- If you see printer offering three printing protocols then choose your preference. It is recommended to select HP JetDirect socket to print from HP laserjet printer.
    If you find any problem connecting with that, you have the second option to choose IPP.
  • Step 9- Now click on the address field and enter the IP address assigned to your printer. You will get a pop-up saying “Valid and complete address” under the address feild. If you see any other message pop-up then make sure you have entered the correct IP address. Now will see successful printer connection with your system.
  • Step 10- Once your system completes the procedure of communication via printer, move ahead to create the printer queue.
  • Step 11- You are all set you have to check the printer by testing a page print. This will help you verify everything is installed and working properly.
  • So, this was the process describing How to install HP laserjet printer driver follow these steps and tell us your experience.

If you don’t have offline installer

Usually it depends on your printer, that you are going to require pre-installed drivers or not. You simply have the option to install the drivers provided by the company.

You even not have to do anything, the HP laserjet p2035 driver offline installer will automatically attempt to connect to your printer.

So, you just have to get registered on the official website of HP and you will automatically get an option of downloading drivers. Simply tap on the download option and it will start to download and then click to install the HP laserjet p2035 driver offline installer to use the system easily.