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When it comes to providing help with printers, Printer Customer Help has advanced skills and experience in solving customer problems. You can quickly and smoothly fix HP printer installation services, printer cleaning services, and other related printer-related issues.

Whether the printer problem is driver-related, software-related, or hardware-related, we thoroughly understand the customer's perspective, identify the exact problem, and solve the problem without removing the printer from the customer's facility. Printer customers help to solve your problem.

Printer Customer Help ensures their customer sit relax at home while they fix the printers.

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HP Printer Installation Service

We at Printer Customer Help provide our esteemed customers an online printer installation, repair and maintenance services in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Calgary, Vancouver and many more cities of USA and Canada . We are best known in the market for our HP printer installation and repair services where we have mentioned troubleshooting all Kinds of Issues related to Printers. Few of them are –

  • HP printer repair and installation
  • HP 8710 printer installation
  • HP universal printer installer service
  • Printer installation and repair service software

Switch to our smart guides for printer installing and repair!

Setting up a printer for the first time can be a daunting process. Many printer users feel confused and clueless during their first printer installation processes. This is why we compiled a number of Smart Guides for printer installation and printer repair. Our smart guides contain the steps that a user must follow to install their printer. We have separate guides for multiple recognised brands which includes our sets of HP printer installation guides, canon printer installation guides, epson printer installation guides and brother printer installation guides.

Our Smart guides are also very useful for the users who wish to perform a basic printer repair by themselves. Our guides contain the procedure for completing a basic troubleshoot which enables the user to identify and resolve most of the printer problems by themselves. Our basic repair guides are also specifically designed for each brand and include the steps to perform a basic HP printer repair , canon printer repair, epson printer repair and brother printer repair, amongst others.

Our smart guides do not only enable you to compete the installation and troubleshoot process, but also become a medium for us to educate you about the basics of your printer. All the things that you learn during the course of using our guides are bound to come in handy during your printing journey!

We have listed some of the many features that make our Smart Guides so special!

Detailed procedure

Our smart guides contain a step-by-step detailed procedure which helps us to make sure that you don’t get confused while following the guide. Our printer installation guides contain all the steps that you need to follow from beginning of the installation to the end. We do not recommend you to use one dummy installation guide for all printers. We have created multiple guides for multiple printers to ensure a higher degree of accuracy and comfort. We have different guides for wired printer installation and wireless printer installation so that you can follow the one that is most applicable to you.

All inclusive

If you are following our smart guides, you don’t need to consult any other manuals. Our printer installation and printer repair guides contain a list of sequenced instructions that includes the steps that the user must follow to complete the process successfully. For example, Our HP printer installation guide includes the steps to complete the Hardware installation and to register the device for warranty. This is to ensure that you do not miss any necessary step while installing or repairing your printer. Our printer repair guides contain all the basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow. For example, our brother printer repair guide will not only help you to troubleshoot your software, but also your hardware and your internet.

Simplified Steps

We understand how difficult installing and troubleshooting a printer can be. Therefore, our printer installation and printer repair guides are designed to simplify the process for you. Our guides contain simple steps that can be followed easily which makes them more user-friendly and convenient to use. Since our guides have also been designed separately for each brand, we are able to simplify the process even further for our users. You can pick between HP printer repair guides, canon printer repair guides, epson printer repair guides and brother printer repair guides to follow the one that is the most applicable for you.

Saves time

We want to save your time. Therefore, our instructions are to-the-point and simply easy to follow. We avoid over-complicating our printer installation and printer repair guides so that you can complete the process quickly and without feeling confused. Even our printer repair guides are designed in a systematic way to allow the users to identify the issue with their printer quickly. Our printer installation guides are categorised according to the brand so you can easily find HP Printer installation guides, canon printer installation guides, epson printer installation guides and brother printer installation guides depending upon your requirement.

No third-party apps

We don’t recommend using any third-party applications for printer installation or repair. Whether it be canon printer installation or epson printer installation, we only ask you to download the official softwares from the official company website. This is because third-party applications are often slow to update and can cause hindrances in your printing experiences. Some third-party installers may have some bugs which can also affect your computer negatively. Therefore we always recommend downloading only the official softwares and installers. We also do not recommend the use of any third-party troubleshooting software either. Our guides help you to perform a basic HP printer repair, canon printer repair, epson printer repair and brother printer repair without downloading an additional software.

Encourages you to learn more

Our guides are designed to help you to learn more about your printer’s functioning and processes while providing you with complete assistance in your printer installation and repair processes. This is to say that if you were to follow our brother printer installation guide, you would be able to complete the installation process easily and along with that, you will also learn some new information about your Brother printer. This is extremely beneficial for your overall printing experience. Similarly, our printer repair guides are supposed to help you in understanding more about your printer while also helping you to run a basic troubleshoot.

A sneak peek of the benefits of wireless printing

In this occupied generation, wireless printing has proved to be beneficial for those who deceive many tasks together. Lets’ go through some.

  • Effective networking and eliminating those heaps of wires: To make printing effortless, wireless printing is best in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Calgary, Vancouver etc USA and Canada cities. It makes networking smooth; multiple users through a computer, laptop, or other electronic devices can connect to a single printer through the medium of Wi-Fi without the need for cables. From a single printer everyone can get their printout by giving a proper instruction. It also decreases the risk of tripping due to many wires and also evades the danger of electric shocks.
  • Easy mobility: With the availability of wireless printing you require not to be close to the computer. Now you can just give a print command from your mobile phone and get your instruction executed in a jiffy. It helps you to save your efforts and make your work approach smarter.
  • The bliss of internet printing: With the provision of the cloud and other online data storage centers, data can be easily shared between your device and that of other peoples’ devices. With the wireless laser printer, the document to be printed gets directly printed from the cloud without holding any extra space in your computer system.
  • Multi-functional printers: Wireless printers are known for multitasking. With the printing function, you can perform additional tasks like scanning, copying, and a fax machine. There is a provision in some wireless printers to print from USB flash drivers or check and send an email directly from the machine.
  • A little on the pricy side but promises long durability: Wireless printers are a bit pricy compared to the wired ones, but in the long run they prove to be more durable and efficient. Once you purchase wireless printers, you need not worry about replacing them anytime soon.

The printer is OFFLINE: Learn the simple ways to resolve difficulties.

Is your printer OFFLINE?

Don’t get frustrate. We will help you to troubleshoot the non-responding or offline printer.

  • The foremost step is to check the basic connection: Commonly, several times printer shows “Offline” status. It happens, when the printer is not properly connected to your computer, or there arises some network issue leading to the printing error. To progress with your printing function check the status of your printer aptly.
  • Nullify the former stuck instructions and restart the system afresh: In several cases of “Offline status”, you can rectify the issue by canceling all the former printing instructions and re-start the printer afresh.
  • Eliminate and reinstall the printing machine: If the above-mentioned steps don’t work try clearing your system and reinstalling printer driver installation steps.
  • Deactivate the automated offline commands: Sometimes the pause and offline instructions are activated automatically you can deactivate those automated offline commands to resolve error.
  • Eliminate outdated printer driver and download a new one: An obsolete printer driver may also the reason of “Offline” problem. To get rid off it download the latest, most suitable driver for your system.

Why go for printer help?

We are one of the best printer service providers; to connect with us our customers get many advantages like our smooth and fast services.

We are involved in various services like Install hp printer driver, Install hp printer on pc, HP laserjet printer installation, and HP printer driver installation on Mac. We provide these services round the clock for all the users who are looking for better services and we will effectively guide them so that there will be no problem that will happen in the future.

Our experts are skilled and experienced in this field and they will provide to the user very prompt and effective solutions. Our experts will easily diagnose users' problems and they will provide the user with a better solution to correct them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to add a printer to our computer only when you are performing a Printer installation for a wireless printer. To do so:
  1. Go to your computer’s “Settings” application.
  2. Select “Devices” from the given menu.
  3. Select “Printers & Scanners” from the new menu.
  4. Now, click on “Add a printer or scanner.”
  5. Make sure that your printer is on and is connected to the same internet connection as your computer otherwise your printer might not be discoverable.
  6. Click on your printer when it appears in the search results to add your printer to the computer.
  7. Close the window after the process is complete.

We recommend that you contact only company officials whenever you need any help with your printer installation. You can visit a certified service centre near your home and book a visit or you can reach out to the customer help department to book a technician for a home visit. The information about the certified service centres is usually available on every printer manufacturing company’s website. In case you are still unable to find a technician, you can try installing the printer on your own using our printer installation guides.

Yes! You can install a printer without CD very easily. To install a printer without CD, you must download the installation software and the printer drivers from the internet. We only recommend you to use official softwares, available on the company website. Using third-party installers could complicate the process unnecessarily and could also cause a problem later during your printing journey. Therefore, you should always go to the official company websites and download the installation software from there. You can navigate yourself to our blog section and read our detailed guides to know how to install printers without CD.

Yes! You can install and setup a printer without using a cable. However, you must note that doing so is only possible for wireless printers. Wired printers can only be connected with the help of a cable. To setup and install a wireless printer, you must connect the printer to your network. After that you can connect your printer to your computer using the wireless network. You can navigate yourself to our blog section to check out our detailed guides to install and setup printers without cables.

Depending upon the type of assistance, you can choose to contact a customer assistance agent, through the customer helpline number or you can book a visit by contacting the closest certified service centre near your area. If you have a minor query regarding your printer driver installation then you can call the customer helpline. However, if you are unable to install printer drivers entirely, then you can contact a service centre to ask for a technician who can visit your house. You can also try checking out our detailed guides on how to install printer drivers while you are trying to install printer drivers manually.

Like all wireless devices, printers also have a certain range. If your internet network is not strong enough, your printer might not be able to detect it within its range. Therefore, if your printer is not detecting your internet network, you should try performing the following steps
  1. Check the network strength near your printer using your mobile phone.
  2. If the network strength is slow, shift the printer closer to your router.
  3. Disconnect your router from the power and wait for a few minutes before connecting it to power again.
  4. If the network strength is strong and your printer is still not detecting your network, then this could be because of network congestion. Try disconnecting other devices that are connected to your internet except your computer.
You can also refer to our guides on how to connect printer to internet to know how to complete the rest of the process

Printer installation could fail due to many reasons which is why it is hard to fix a printer installation error if you don’t follow a systematic procedure. You should try checking the basics first. Check if the hardware has been properly installed. You must ensure that all connections are tight and that your computer and your printer are connected to same network. Make sure that you have a strong signal strength and that the network is not too congested. Then you should also check if you have installed the correct printer drivers or not. Check to see if any updates are pending. You can try following the steps mentioned in our troubleshooting guides or you can book a home visit by a technician if the problem doesn’t get resolved.

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Most common printing problems that occurs

Apart from the printer’s “Offline” or “Not responding” status, users come across various other issues. Here you go to know the list of some common printer problems and solutions.

  • Paper jams
  • The printer refuses to function
  • Slow printing
  • Ghosting error
  • Low quality of the printed pictures
  • Agitated at low ink warning